Me and Thomas had a wonderful time shooting the wedding of Ben and Katherine in New York north Manhattan in Fort Tryon Park and the Church of the God Shepherd.

Check out Thomas images from this New York wedding.

  • Hilmo - Were these photos taken with the Noctilux? Would love to see more Noctilux shots of yours. Are there any available for public viewing?

  • Paul - Your photos are great. Why did you stop showing them here?

  • Markus Dagnell - Hi Paul, I´m very happy to hear that you like my photos:) I´m doing a phD in redox signaling and I´m trying to finish so there´s a bit less time for photography these days.

  • Paul - Thank you for your answer! Do you still own the Noctilux? Would love to see some more photos of yours taken with that lens.

  • adam - No, he shot all these with a Canon.. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But I cae to this post thinking it was shot with a noct, and it didn’t look like the images were so I checked the exif info.. 85L 35L mainly.

    Nice shots nonetheless.

  • Markus Dagnell - Yes, you´re right, some are miss-labeled. I think 1,2,3 and 6 are shot with the noct if I remember it correctly.

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